My Struggle to live with OCD in CoExistence


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My Insights

  1. Do not ever think that medicines, doctors, physiologists on their own can get you rid of OCD.
  2. Read the book - Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior- Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz.
  3. Unless you are cured 80-90% or due to some medico-legal requirement try not to disclose it to anyone.
  4. If you are finding yourself stuck in an endless trap for hours tell your brain it’s not me it’s my OCD.
  5. Try to cautiously ignore things which trigger an attack
  6. It’s all about how much importance we attach to some habit/ritual/compulsion if we try cautiously gradually we can decrease the amount of importance of the obsessions and the resulting compulsions.
  7. People having OCD have higher IQ than a normal human being.
  8. Do not fight or struggle with it but accept it as a part of your life like a diabetic patient accepts that insulin is not getting produced in the body so he/she will have to take it from an external source.
  9. Learn to laugh at your habits if a very close family member knows it include him/her also.
  10. Always remember OCD treatment requires family therapy and not just for the OCD patient.
  11. Start writing about your experiences and the silent battles you fought and won, it will give you immense courage and peace.

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